Welcome to Sanctum

Thank you for all the support for the past 12 years of business.
Sanctum has been very happy to have experienced over a decade of friendship and privilege to serve you.

Even though our brick-and-mortar store is no more, we are still pleased to maintain our services and products online.

Our services and workshops are conducted from various locations, so do call to inquire and we will make arrangements to your convenience.

We look forward to continuing our magickal ways and helping you find your sanctum.


6 June 2019: Welcome to our new website! We are revamped and refreshed!


  • As the name suggests, Sanctum is a place of spiritual healing and rest. The centre caters to people from all belief systems. They offer a host of metaphysical treatments from basic meditation and holistic life coaching to Egyptian card reading and moon crystal therapy. Different guides provide one-on-one consultations, workshops and courses in their fields of expertise. Their large treatment studio called The Cave’, inspired by Gaia’s womb, puts visitors in a spiritual mood before they embark on their healing of choice.

    AsiaSpa, 2011

  • ‘Nourishment for mind, body and soul’ is how this place bills itself, and with Tarot readings, meditation events, past-life regression, shiatsu and reiki, we see no reason to argue. Sanctum has three beautiful and uniquely set-up rooms for sessions and chilling out offers online booking.

    Lonely Planet, 2009

  • Singapore lane springs to life. Haji Lane has become a meeting place for the city’s anti-mall crowd.
    The New Age posse gravitates toward the yoga classes, tarot readings and shiatsu massages at Sanctum.

    The New York Times, 2009